Soil & Amendments

During the homebuilding process, the nutrient-rich layer of topsoil is stripped, and because of this, most existing soil quality is poor.  The use of amendments can increase nutrients for plantings as well as increase soil porosity.  Replacing essential organic matter such as leaf compost, peat moss, humus, and pine bark can help restore the natural balance and porosity of your soil.  It is also important to add other amenities such as vermiculite and slow release fertilizer to encourage healthy plant growth. 

Soil & Amendments
Custom Blend (Soil + sand, leaf compost and peat): $32/sq.yd.
Deluxe Blend (Custom Blend + com-til): $42/sq.yd.
Planting Mix (Soil + sand, peat, pine bark, and slow release fertilizer: $54/sq.yd.

Peat Moss: $12.75/brick
Pine Bark Soil Conditioner: $5.50/bag
Slow Release 12-12-12: $22/bag
Vermiculite: $28/bag
Mushroom Compost: $7.25/bag