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Custom Designs
We offer several different types of plans including plot plans, virtual realtime landscape overlays, and hand-drawn 3D renderings. Click the heading above to see examples.

Professional Installation
At Emerald Isle, professional means more than simply putting a plant in a hole.  The owner, Aaron, takes the time to oversee every aspect of the installation.  His team has years of experience working in all aspects of landscape installation.  We ensure that all projects are executed professionally and that all steps have been taken to provide your landscape’s health and longevity for years to come.

Monthly Maintenance Plans
We know how much time and dedication it takes to keep up with the surrounding environment.  By creating a customized monthly maintenance plan, we can schedule and plan for specific environmental changes.  Monthly maintenance can typically save money over the long term by maintaining what needs maintained, and removing what needs to go.  This in turn, will keep your landscape polished and up to date.

Mulching Services
Using mulch in your landscape can be both functional and decorative.  Mulch preserves moisture around plantings, stops grass and weeds from spreading, and defines garden spaces.  Despite popular perception, mulch can be applies anytime the ground is above freezing.  In our zone, (zone 5), the frost deadline is April 30.  However, mulch can be applied as early as March 30.  Using the mulch calculator on our products pages can help you determine the proper quantity and quality.

Concrete & Brick Paving
Installing pavers is the best way to add maintenance-free functional spaces to your landscape.  Paves are most commonly used to incorporate a patio space, but they can also be used to create a driveway, walkway, grill surround, bench wall, fire pit or outdoor fireplace.  Today’s market offers an endless variety of concrete pavers ranging in shape, tone, texture and size.  Traditional clay brick can also be used in these applications.  However, they are not interlocking and require mortar in most cases.

Natural Stone Retaining Walls, Walkways and Steps
The combination of plantings and natural stone is the best way to add appeal and excitement to your landscape.  Natural stone can be used in almost every aspect of your landscape; including walls, walkways, patios and outcrops.  Limestone and sandstone are quarried throughout the U.S. and varies, depending on location.  These variations create many choices.  The key is finding one that blends well with your home and the surrounding environment.
Although many landscaping companies offer stonework, few take the time necessary to coordinate the right stone with your residence.

Plant & Tree Installation
Incorporating trees, shrubs and perennials helps to provide additional depth, contrast, texture and color to your landscape.  In addition, plantings also double as privacy, shade and wind protection.  At Emerald Isle, we take the time to install every plant properly by providing adequate space for root growth and surrounding the root area with helpful amenities.