Mulching is an essential step to creating a cohesive landscape.  Mulch is a tool of weed prevention and water retention.  In addition, it creates a cohesive look while contrasting with plant foliage.

Aggregates are used to provide a solid foundation for any hard cape installation.  They may also be used to improve drainage or soil porosity.  Typically, most local aggregates are limestone.

Natural Stone
Natural stone is a timeless way to create functionality from a retaining wall to a patio.

Plants & Trees
Using a variety of colorful plants and trees creates depth, texture and appeal to a landscape.  In addition, they may function as a privacy screen or sun barrier.   

Concrete pavers are more cost effective than stone but can be used to achieve the same functional concept.  There are a variety of colors, textures and functions available today.
Soil & Amendments
Most existing soil quality is poor.  The use of amendments can increase nutrients for plantings as well as increasing soil porosity.

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