Installing pavers is the best way to add maintenance-free functional spaces to your landscape.  Pavers are most commonly used to incorporate a patio space, but they can also be used to create a driveway, walkway, grill surround, bench wall, fire pit or outdoor fireplace.  Today’s market offers an endless variety of concrete pavers ranging in shape, tone, texture and size.  Traditional clay brick can also be used in these applications.  However, they are not interlocking and require mortar in most cases.
Brussels Block
Weathered finish. Most common applications--patios and sidewalks. 
Available in 4 styles

6 7/8" X 8¼" X 2¾"
17.3cm X 20.8cm X 7cm 
Tapered Stone
6¾" X 4½" X 2¾"
17.1cm X 11.4cm X 7cm
Half Stone
4 1/8" X 7" X 2¾"
10.4cm X 77.3cm X 7cm 
8¼" X 13¾" X 2¾"
20.8cm X 24.3cm X 7cm

Price per square foot: $5.85
Mahogany Ash
Saint Clair
Split finish. Formal, textured granite look.  Most common application--used in conjunction with weathered pavers to add style and depth.
         Black                                  Rose                                  Slate
Standard finish. Traditional look. Most common application--herringbone or quilted pattern.
Available in 2 styles

Small Square     Large Square
4" X 4" X 2.75"      6" X 6" X 2.75"
10cm X 10cm X 7cm     15cm X 15cm X 7cm

Price per square foot: $6.70
   Rustic Red                         Granite                       Beechwood
Available in 2 styles

4" X 8" X 2 3/8"     8" X 8" X 2 3/8"
10cm X 20cm X 6cm    20cm X 20cm X 6cm

Price per square foot: $3.85