Mulching is an essential step to creating a cohesive landscape.  Mulch is a tool of weed prevention and water retention.  In addition, it creates a cohesive look while contrasting with plant foliage.

Estimate how much mulch you will need with the Mulch Calculator

Hardwood Mulches
Double-Processed Natural: $37/sq. yd. 
Double-Processed Dyed (Brown/Black): $40/sq. yd.
Triple-Processed Dyed (Brown/Black): $44/sq. yd.
*Prices include delivery--5 sq. yd. minimum

Pine Bark Mulches
Pine Bark Fines: $48/sq. yd.
Pine Bark Mini (Fines to .75 in.): $54/sq. yd.
Pine Bark Nuggets (.25 in to 1.25 in.): $54/sq. yd.
*Prices include delivery--5 sq. yd. minimum
Alternative Mulches
Shredded Cedar (Insect resistant): $5.50/bag
Pine Needle Mulch: $9.50/bale
Coco Shells: $5.25/bag
*Prices include delivery--50 bag minimum